Drain Unblocking of a Village Hall

How do we clear Blocked Drains?

There are many different ways we can unblock your drains. In the case of a Village Hall in the Hull area, that was suffering from a blocked drain due to a buildup of sewage.

To solve the problem, the engineers first sucked out the compacted waste in the drain using a Jet Vac. Once this was completed, they used high pressure water jetting to clean any remaining debris from the drain. This would prevent further blockage issues in the future.

For more information on how high pressure water jetting can help unblock a drain visit here.

Why is Drain Unblocking Important?

It is important to have a fully functional waste system because the whole purpose of the drainage system is to dispose of waste water effectively, but when build up is present it makes it hard or impossible for water to pass through.

In some cases this can lead to some major issues, such as an imbalance of the pressure in your plumbing. Which can potentially lead to cracked or ruptured pipes.

Some of the main culprits for causing a blocked drain are,

  • food grease being poured down your kitchen sink drain,
  • shower drains blocked by hair and a buildup of soap,
  • toilets blocked from baby wipes being flushed down them.

One preventive step you could take to reduce the chances of a blocked drain is having them cleaned with high pressure water jetting. Having your drains cleaned this way, will not only remove any blockages currently there, but it will also remove any buildup of scale, and grease which could lead a future blockage.

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