Extreme Cleaning

Here at The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd we offer a unique extreme cleaning service. This service will be tailored to meet the variable requirements that each crime or trauma scene will demand.

Our extreme cleaning service involves:

  • Trauma cleaning, we have a sympathetic and compassionate view on handling grievance. We can offer a complete restoration service if required, to meet the requirements of the client.
  • Body lice removal, using methods like fumigation, we are capable of using other methods if necessary.
  • Body fluid removal.
  • Lice infestation removal, we are able to remove a lice infestation through fumigation through our pest control division. We are also capable of using other methods if necessary.
  • Flee infestation removal, using methods such as fumigation through our pest control division.
  • House decontamination, to ensure that the area is safe to move back into.
bug infestation removal
extreme cleaning of a crime scene

Our extreme cleaning service covers the following areas:

  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Accidental and incidental death
  • Decomposition
  • Aggravated assault

This is not an exclusive list and we pride ourselves on the ability to meet the individual circumstances of each extreme cleaning situation.

We are able to decontaminate cells of all fluids, and clear any bed bug infestation, flee infestation, and lice infestation.

The specialist team we employ have the ability, diligence, and experience to effectively meet any clean up challenge.

We are an an active member of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners with the availability for contacting them for any extreme technical challenge that may present itself.

Road Traffic Incident

Here at The Drain Company we have a fleet of Jet Vac's with the capability of high pressure hot, or cold water jetting. This allows us to offer a road spillage cleaning service.

Our spillage cleaning service includes:

  • Blood spillage cleaning, to restore highway safety.
  • Oil spillage cleaning, to ensure the road is safe for others to drive on. We also offer an oil spillage clean up service for rivers and canals.

All such works will be carried out in an expedient manner after full consultation with the agencies attending the scene.

car crash