Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tanks can play a vital role in helping your household deal with wastewater in a way that’s efficient and environmentally friendly. These septic tanks also need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to avoid problems from arising.

At The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd we have a fleet of Vacuum Tanks vehicles that enable us to empty Septic Tanks and Cesspits efficiently for environmentally safe disposal, these also allow us with the means to clean the surrounding area.

Our septic tank service includes:

  • Septic tank cleaning, and septic tank emptying, using high pressure water jetting to ensure all silt and debris is removed from the septic tank. As well as our septic tank cleaning, and septic tank emptying services, we also offer a domestic & commercial drain cleaning service.
  • Septic tank maintenance, and septic tank repairs, to determine the condition of the septic tank, we have a 24/7 service including all public holidays
  • Septic tank installation, and septic tank replacement, if your septic doesn't meet the new standards BEFRA have set, we are able to replace and install a new septic tank for you.
  • Wet well cleaning, and wet well maintenance through extracting the waste into a large tanker. The water is then recycled and the waste is then taken off site
septic tank emptying

These are some of the signs that suggests that your septic tank needs to be emptied:

  • Pooling water around the drain field of your septic tank, this suggests that the piping system is blocked and liquid is being forced to the surface
  • Issues with slow-draining sinks and toilets that aren't resolved by unblocking the drain in question
  • Unusual odours in the area of the septic tank
  • Overflowing sludge or scum on the water

New Septic Tank Standards

If the Environment Agency finds that a current septic tank discharge is polluting surface water it will be required  to be replaced with a new system compliant with BS EN 12566-1 and/or BS 6297:2007 by 1st January 2020.

Find out more about the new standards on our septic tank blog post.

If a property is sold the septic tank must meet the new standards or be replaced before completion of the sale.

If you need your septic tank emptying or cleaning, give The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd a call, we can help you empty your septic tanks safely and responsibly.

Cesspit Emptying

Our cesspit emptying service is conducted by fleet of Vacuum Tanks which are able to carry the silt and debris collected from the cesspits and dispose of it at a water treatment site.

Our cesspit emptying service includes:

  • Cesspit cleaning, using high pressure water jetting to ensure all silt and debris is removed from the cesspit.
  • Cesspit emptying, using a Vacuum Tanks with water jetting capabilities to empty and clean the cesspit.
  • Soakaway repairs, are CCTV survey to check they're in working condition, if not we are be to replace and install soakaways.
  • Full CCTV camera survey to determine the condition of the cesspit, using the latest camera equipment to determine whether the cesspit is still in working condition.

The capacity of the cesspit will impact how frequently the cesspit will need cleaning, and how frequently it will need emptying.

cesspit emptying