The foundation of The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd is our expertise in drainage, we can deal with any blocked drains.

We have gained years of experience in all aspects of domestic and commercial drain unblocking & drain cleaning, and can assist you with any problem you may be experiencing. That is what makes us  the best drain unblocker in Hull, and the surrounding area.

Our drainage services include:

  • High pressure water jetting with hot and/or cold water for drain unblocking & drain cleaning, including removing scale and the build-up of grease in drains, to ensure your drainage system runs effectively
  • All blocked drains attended to, from internal sinks and toilets (for these circumstances we will send a division that has experience in both plumbing, and unblocking drains) to Main Drains, Sewers and Commercial Drains.
  • CCTV drain survey using a variety of camera inspection techniques to identify defects, collapsed drains, partial and fully blocked drains. Using the latest WinCam CCTV technology, we offer a professional drainage service for either commercial, or domestic drain blockages.
  • Drainage maintenance to prevent blocked drains, we remove scale, grease or tree root ingress.
  • Drain relining using runs with our expertise in no dig technology to minimise disruption to your home, or business.
  • Patch relining for isolated repairs which left unresolved could lead to collapsed drains.
  • Septic tank emptying, and septic tank cleaning, through the use of Vacuum Tanks.
  • Drain installation and manholes installation, to ensure you have a full functional drainage system.
  • Septic tank installation, and cesspit installation, to ensure you have a cesspit, or septic tank that meets the new legislative rules set by DEFRA.
  • Sewer cleaning, through high pressure water jetting.
  • Gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and blocked gutter service, we are able to unblock gutter quickly, and efficiently with the use of our new 18 tonne Jet Vac.
Here at The Drain Company we are always investing in new technology, and equipment so that we can complete work faster & more efficient. This will help keep our position as the best drain unblocker in Hull. Recently, we have just taken delivery of an 18 tonne Jet Vac that will allow us to deal with any drainage issues you present to us. Also, we have recently taken delivery of a Atech camera system which allows us to work in Zone One and Zone Two areas.
Drain installation
drain unblocking of a blocked drain