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    Drainage Contract Renewed

    Renewing Drainage Contract Here at The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd we have been working with a water treatment utility company that operates throughout Yorkshire. We have been working with this company to help maintain the drainage systems throughout Yorkshire for over a year. They have decided to renew our contract after seeing our results throughout...
  • in Sponsorship

    Jamin July is Sponsored by The Drain Company

    What is Jamin July? Jamin July is an event full of fun, games, music, food, competitions, and much more! There will be lots going on for all ages. Loads to do for the kid ranging from rides, play area, slides, bouncy castle, face painting. They’ll love that, right? There will also be the VIKING FM roadshow...
  • in Cesspit Emptying, Septic Tank Emptying

    Septic Tank Emptying Legislation

    New Septic Tank Emptying Legislation The Environment Agency are introducing new septic tank emptying legislation to prevent septic tanks leaking watercourse, which can cause pollution. The new legislation is coming into place in the next few weeks. The Environmental Agency is sending letters out to all household owners explaining the new septic tan...
  • in Extreme Cleaning

    Extreme Cleaning Contract Won

    New Contracts Signed Here at The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd we have just recently won a contract with a major housing association in Hull to complete an extreme clean of the houses the association owns. If you want more information on this service go check out our extreme cleaning service page. Our sister company GNC...