The Drain Company offers to all our customers a wide range of services with a diversity of skills we strive to extend and improve every day.

Our drainage, plumbing, septic tank emptying & cesspit emptying, pest control and extreme cleaning service are available for hire through Hull and the rest of the East Riding of Yorkshire. Also, we have a sister company in GNC Industrial that offers a UK wide industrial cleaning service, to ensure there is always an industrial cleaner near you!

We endeavour to offer a service suited to your requirements to achieve the best results possible.

Drain installation


The foundation of The Drain Company (Hull) Ltd is our expertise in drainage, we can deal with any blocked drains.

We have gained years of experience in all aspects of domestic and commercial drain unblocking & drain cleaning, and can assist you with any problem you may be experiencing,

Our drainage services include:

  • High pressure water jetting with hot and/or cold water for drain unblocking & drain cleaning, including removing scale and the build-up of grease in drains, to ensure your drainage system runs effectively
  • All blocked drains attended to, from internal sinks and toilets (fro these will send a division that has experience in both plumbing, and unblocking drains) to Main Drains, Sewers and Commercial Drains.
  • CCTV drain survey using a variety of camera inspection techniques to identify defects, collapsed drains, partial and fully blocked drains. Using the latest WinCam CCTV technology, we offer a professional drainage service for either commercial, or domestic drain blockages.
  • Drainage maintenance to prevent blocked drains, we remove scale, grease or tree root ingress.
  • Drain relining using runs with our expertise in no dig technology to minimise disruption to your home, or business.
  • Patch relining for isolated repairs which left unresolved could lead to collapsed drains.
  • Septic tank emptying, and septic tank cleaning, through the use of Vacuum Tanks.
  • Drain installation and manholes installation, to ensure you have a full functional drainage system.
  • Septic tank installation, and cesspit installation, to ensure you have a cesspit, or septic tank that meets the new legislative rules set by DEFRA.
  • Sewer cleaning, through high pressure water jetting.
  • Gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and blocked gutter service, we are able to unblock gutter quickly, and efficiently with the use of our new 18 tonne Jet Vac.

Here at The Drain Company we are always investing in new technology, and equipment so that we can complete work faster and more efficient. Recently, we have just taken delivery of an 18 tonne Jet Vac that will allow us to deal with any drainage issues you present to us. Also, we have recently taken delivery of a Atech camera system which allows us to work in Zone One and Zone Two areas.

plumbing parts


The expertise of our qualified plumbers will provide a quick and efficient service with all our work reinforced with our full company guarantee.

Our plumbers have experience in all plumbing materials, including: copper, plastic, lead, steel, and brass.

We have a fleet of plumbers in Hull ,and the East Riding of Yorkshire that can deal with any plumbing issue you may present us.

Our plumbing services include:

  • Leak detection and repair.
  • Unblocking toilets, toilet installation, and toilet replacement, to ensure you have a fully function waste system.
  • Boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler replacement, and central heating installation, so that you have a fully functional heating system all year round.
  • Shower installation, to ensure you have an updated cleaning system.
  • Bathroom installation, so that you have a bathroom that matches needs, and taste.

If you're suffering from shower drain blockage, toilet drain blockage, or a bath drain blockage we will send a specialist division that has years of experience in both plumbing and drainage.

industrial cleaning through graffiti removal

Industrial Cleaning

We have a sister company in GNC Industrial that offers a bespoke UK wide industrial cleaning service, meaning there is always industrial cleaner near you to solve your issues.

GNC Industrial works with some of the largest blue chip companies in the UK in the food, and beverage production industry.

Our industrial cleaning service is tailored to meet the requirements of the clients, to minimise the disruption to production.

We can offer teams of industrial cleaners using:

Our industrial cleaning service includes:

  • Ship hull cleaning, and ship hull preparation, to remove fouling, so that there is less drag.
  • Industrial tank cleaning, and duct cleaning, through high pressure water jetting, to remove debris from the tank, this helps extend the life of the tank. The aim of our duct cleaning service is to remove grease, debris and carbon which could potentially ignite and create a fire.
  • Graffiti removal, chewing gun removal, and surface preparation, through high pressure water jetting because it provides a safer service compared to sand blasting.
  • Heat exchanger cleaning, and industrial tube cleaning, through high pressure water jetting, to remove fouling so that condenser efficiency is improved. Also, cleaning the tubes extends there life.
  • High level cleaning, we have extensive experience in high level cleaning, whether its inside a factory or gutter cleaning.
  • Concrete cutting, and concrete repair, through ultra-high-pressure water jetting instead of drilling. Using this technique  means we don't damage the steel supports in place and ideal for bridges, Arches and low level work.

Any discipline can be accommodated with a detailed plan of execution

All our operatives are trained and certified to The Water Jetting Association standards and also for working height, and within confined spaces.

Safety is of paramount importance in our work, and to pursue this all works have individual method statement  and risk assessment created, to ensure the safety framework is in place for operatives, clients and their employees, the general public, and any persons that may have cause to visit the site of operations.

All the cleaning is an application of water only, at a high pressure, ensuring we work as environmentally friendly as possible.

The use of chemicals will only be used at the clients request, and with the application of all legislative laws and guidelines.

Our industrial cleaning service is flexible to the clients needs. Our service is available for all public holidays, and outside of normal working hours.

We  offer services throughout the United Kingdom

We always find a solution to your problem

bug removal

Pest Control

The Drain Company understands the Health and Safety implications and the detrimental effect a pest ingress on a premise can cause.

We offer a same day service for a speedy cost-effective service to tackle any pest problem.

At The Drain Company we believe the only way in pest control, is to provide you with permanent solutions to the problems you are experiencing, and not just a quick fix.

Our pest control service includes:

  • Vermin control, using humane methods in the form of live traps so that the vermin can later be released.
  • Bird roosting removal, using the humane methods of spikes to stop birds roosting there, or a gel which simulates a fire.
  • Bird waste removal and sanitation, from redundant and enclosed areas.
  • Wasp nest removal, through fumigation from ground to high level.
  • Bed bugs removal, ranging from small B&B's, large hotels and care homes.
  • Insect removal, from small domestic properties to large commercial properties.

Reactive To Your Needs – 24/7

When you discover a problem, you need help fast. We offer same day treatments, and if needed a 24-hour Emergency service.

septic tank pumping

Septic Tank Emptying

At The Drain Company we have a fleet of Vacuum Tanks vehicles that enable us to empty Septic Tanks and Cesspits efficiently for environmentally safe disposal, these also allow us with the means to clean the surrounding area.

Our septic tank service includes:

  • Septic tank cleaning, and septic tank emptying, using high pressure water jetting to ensure all silt and debris is removed from the septic tank. As well as our septic tank cleaning, and septic tank emptying services, we also offer a domestic & commercial drain cleaning service.
  • Septic tank maintenance, and septic tank repairs, to determine the condition of the septic tank, we have a 24/7 service including all public holidays
  • Septic tank installation, and septic tank replacement, if your septic doesn't meet the new standards BEFRA have set, we are able to replace and install a new septic tank for you.

Our septic tank service is available throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire:

  • East coast
  • East coast villages
  • Hull
  • Market Weighton
  • Beverley
  • Pocklington
  • Brough
  • Scarborough

But it is not exclusive to these areas

The frequency of the need for septic tank emptying is determined by the capacity of your tank, so get in touch today to discuss your septic tank, and cesspit tank clearance needs and to arrange a regularly scheduled clean.

New Septic Tank Standards

If the Environment Agency finds that a current septic tank discharge is polluting surface water it will be required  to be replaced with a new system compliant with BS EN 12566-1 and/or BS 6297:2007 by 1st January 2020.

1st January 2020

If a property is sold the septic tank must meet the new standards or be replaced before completion of the sale.

Cesspit Emptying

Our cesspit emptying service is conducted by fleet of Vacuum Tanks which are able to carry the silt and debris collected from the cesspits and dispose of it at a water treatment site.

Our cesspit emptying service includes:

  • Cesspit cleaning, using high pressure water jetting to ensure all silt and debris is removed from the cesspit.
  • Cesspit emptying, using a Vacuum Tanks with water jetting capabilities to empty and clean the cesspit.
  • Soakaway repairs, are CCTV survey to check they're in working condition, if not we are be to replace and install soakaways.
  • Full CCTV camera survey to determine the condition of the cesspit, using the latest camera equipment to determine whether the cesspit is still in working condition.

The capacity of the cesspit will impact how frequently the cesspit will need cleaning, and how frequently it will need emptying.

Extreme Cleaning

Here at The Drain Company Hull we offer a unique extreme cleaning service. This service will be tailored to meet the variable requirements that each crime or trauma scene will demand.

Our extreme cleaning service involves:

  • Trauma cleaning, we have a sympathetic and compassionate view on handling grievance. We can offer a complete restoration service if required, to meet the requirements of the client.
  • Body lice removal, using methods like fumigation, we are capable of using other methods if necessary.
  • Body fluid removal.
  • Lice infestation removal, we are able to remove a lice infestation through fumigation through our pest control division. We are also capable of using other methods if necessary.
  • Flee infestation removal, using methods such as fumigation through our pest control division.
  • House decontamination, to ensure that the area is safe to move back into.

Our extreme cleaning service covers the following areas:

  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Accidental and incidental death
  • Decomposition
  • Aggravated assault

This is not an exclusive list and we pride ourselves on the ability to meet the individual circumstances of each extreme cleaning situation.

We are able to decontaminate cells of all fluids, and clear any bed bug infestation, flee infestation, and lice infestation.

The specialist team we employ have the ability, diligence, and experience to effectively meet any clean up challenge.

We are an an active member of The National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners with the availability for contacting them for any extreme technical challenge that may present itself.

Road Traffic Incident

Here at The Drain Company we have a fleet of Jet Vac's with the capability of high pressure hot, or cold water jetting. This allows us to offer a road spillage cleaning service.

Our spillage cleaning service includes:

  • Blood spillage cleaning, to restore highway safety.
  • Oil spillage cleaning, to ensure the road is safe for others to drive on. We also offer an oil spillage clean up service for rivers and canals.

All such works will be carried out in an expedient manner after full consultation with the agencies attending the scene.